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The Menstrual Cup, Made Better.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Everything that goes into making and packaging the UltuCup is carefully chosen and thoughtfully produced.

Soft and comfortable 100% medical-grade silicone

American-made cups

Home recyclable packaging


Why UltuCup?

The Benefits       The Design       The Impact      Our Guarantee

Welcome to the world’s most sustainable cup.
And your most Comfortable Period.

Money-Back Guarantee

3 Cycle money back guarantee. Want to break up? We’ll understand.

Healthier Periods

Healthier Periods, pH Balanced, no dryness, TSS or bleached tampons here.

Wear Anytime, Anywhere

While sleeping, scuba diving, climbing Everest, or playing tackle football.

Premium Materials

Super soft 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Free from BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff.


Sustainable every step of the way. Recyclable packaging.

Cost Effective

Menstrual care that won’t bleed your budget. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Reusable.

Our Love is Local

We help bridge the financial needs of people you know.

Made in America

100% made in America by people who care.

How We Measure Up

How we measure up

The Smarter Cup, Made With Care.

Not all cups are made equal. UltuCup is the menstrual cup people love to use, and here’s why.

1. Soft Rim, Sensation-Free Shape

Comfort rim and smart shape designed for a sensation free experience

2. Premium Materials

Ultra soft and flexible. Made in the USA by people who care with 100% medical grade silicone.

3. Soft Grip Rings for Easy Removal

Soft and easy to grip rings for effortless removal

4. Flexible, Solid Stem for Easy Removal & Cleaning

Flexible solid stem for easy removal and simplified cleaning


You Can’t Choose Your Cycle, But You Can Choose Sustainability.

UltuCup is upping the ante when it comes to sustainability. Here’s how:

The average menstruator will use 250lbs of disposable period products in a lifetime With UltuCup, you get one reusable cup, diverting hundreds of pounds of waste from landfills

UltuCup packaging is sourced and made in North America for a friendlier carbon footprint

UltuCup packaging can go right into the recycle bin with your household recycling

Sparkles and cute colours are great for unicorns, but not your body (or the planet). UltuCup is free of dyes, colours and plastic. Nothing wasted, nothing wanted.

UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup – Model 0

For 18 years and younger or if you have a lower cervix

UltuCup – Model 1

For ages 19-30 years or if you have never given birth

UltuCup – Model 2

For ages 30+ or if you have given birth


Find out for yourself why people love using the UltuCup, backed by our three-cycle, money-back guarantee.

Check out our FAQs for answers to questions on sizing, use, and more.

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