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    12-Hrs Leak-Free

    No Toxins
    No Irritants

    Home Compostable Packaging

    pH Balanced

    You'll never go back to tampons!

    • Wear for 12 hours without worrying about leaks or spills
    • Made from 100% medical grade silicone.
    • Easy to use, wash, and reuse.
    • Vagina-friendly. Healthier pH balanced periods.
    • Less waste than pads and tampons.
    • Less risk of TSS than tampons.

    Conforms To Your Body

    Our medical-grade silicone is softer and more flexible so it contours to your body and lasts up to 1 year.

    Easy To Grip

    Long stems can trigger irritation throughout the day. Our shorter, rounded ball stem is easy to grip.

    Follow Your Flow

    Our measurement marks allow you to track your flow so you know if your period is changing and coming to an end.

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    Check out what other menstruators have to say.

    Here to help you live a healthier life—one flow at a time.