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    January 21, 2022 4 min read

    By Alyssa Rinetti 

    In today's world, there are many brands to choose from when it comes to a specific item or in general, one is looking to purchase. Because of this, individuals should weigh out the factors of what exactly they are looking for in a product they want to purchase. In doing so, one should be able to make their decision effortlessly after doing their research on the company/brand! 


    Now, let's dive into period cups. In comparison to other products out there and how there are so many brands to choose from, there are also many period cups and various companies to choose from as well. That said, why will UltuCup be the best company for you? 


    It is okay to be exceptionally picky, and UltuCup understands this. Why? Because when it comes to the human body,everyone is made anatomically different, and there is no way to alter this fact. 

    How You Should Make Your Decision 

    Remember, this isyour body, so you should think strategically when it comes to choosing UltuCup for your next menstrual cup! So, what are some things to ponder when you are in the midst of making such a decision? Look below to see what you should consider: 

    Check Your Cervix 

    Your cervix size is one of the most important characteristics you should consider when picking a menstrual cup. When you get close to your period start dateor during your period, that is when it is best to check your cervix size. In this case, UltuCup is the best decision because they are the only brand of menstrual cup that offers various sizes in which you can look to determine which size cup is best for you based on your cervix size. 


    You can determine the size of your cervix area by standing up and propping one of your legs up on your toilet seat or bathroom counter. From there, stick one of your fingers into your vagina and see how far up you have to reach before you can feel your cervix. 


    Not sure what your cervix may feel like? That is okay. Some descriptions of your cervix include a round marble with a dent in the center or the tip of your nose. Additionally, if you have a longer cervix, it should feel quite distinct in comparison to the rest of your vaginal canal! 

    The Firmness of the Period Cup 

    If you have a sensitive bladder, for instance, you do not want a truly firm cup. A firm cup can put a strain on your bladder and give you the feeling of constantly needing to pee. 

    Menstrual cups with distinguished rims are less comfortable, since the rim tends to press up against the bladder. UltuCup recommends a softer cup, such as the UltuCup Model 0, since it will not push against the bladder. 


    On the contrary, if you have an energetic lifestyle, a firmer cup, such as the UltuCup Model 2, might be more suitable. A menstrual cup that istoo delicate might get crushed by your muscles, which breaks the seal of the menstrual cup and can, in turn, cause leaks. 

    Your Age and Births You May Have Had 

    Again, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding that UltuCup is the right brand for you should be based solely onyour body and meetingyourconditions, and UltuCup upholds those values wholeheartedly. For example, if you have a heavy flow, you might want the large-sized period cup for more accommodation, even if you are under the age of 30. On the flip side, if you are over 30, but have a light flow, you might want a shorter, small-sized cup. 


    Comfort is the key, according to UltuCup! If the period cup is not comfortable, why would you want to wear it? Longer cups, such as the UltuCup Model 2, are normally larger in size. However, if you have a lower cervix, a longer menstrual cup might not feel comfortable for you, no matter your age. If you have a high cervix, you might want to go for a small-sized cup, such as the UltuCup Model 0 or Model 1. 


    Giving birth vaginally is usually something to think about (if you haven't already) because pregnancy and stress to the pelvic area during labor can cause them to lose tone. On that note, a larger cup is suggested by UltuCup because larger period cups are generally vaster in diameter. However, exercising in general may tone your pelvic area and, therefore, a small period cup, like the UltuCup Model 0, might work for you! 

    Is Your Flow Light or Heavy?  

    If you have peaked at our previous blogs, then you know by now that you do have options pertaining to the various period protection methods that are out there!  

    Should you decide to go with the menstrual cup option, then the great thing about UltuCup is that they offer different sizes to fit your needs. If you sense that you have a light flow, a small-sized period cup should be fine. However, that does not mean youhave to use a small cup. If a large cup is deemed comfortable and you want to be able to use it for a full 12 hours without any commotion, then that is totally fine. 


    On the other hand, if you have a heavy flow, you will probably want to get the largest cup that fits you comfortably. This does not always mean the biggest cup on the market is going to be the best fit! 

    Making Your Final Decision 

    As you may have thought, there are multiple factors to consider when it comes to deciding what brand will be best for you to put your money toward.  

    We hope this helps you pick the right company to choose when it comes to choosing a menstrual cup! There is going to constantly be some trial and error involved. However, we hope you can find your UltuCup (one that is just right) on your first try! 


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