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February 04, 2022 4 min read

By Alyssa Rinetti 


Humans are the primary culprits when it comes to disposing of so much waste on our planet on a regular basis! It is absurd to believe that, on average, people will throw away approximately 300 pounds of tampons and pads in their lifetime. Worse yet? Approximately 20 billion period protection products, such as tampons, pads, various applicators, and sanitary napkins, will end up in landfills in North America. 

So, if you want to reduce waste by throwing away your feminine products after each use, consider switching to a period cup, such as UltuCup! 

If you go the UltuCup route, you can wear your menstrual cup for up to 12 hours, which is fantastic! You will only need to clean out your cup at least twice during this time, as opposed to six or seven times per day if you were wearing a tampon or pad. 

You may believe that cleaning out your menstrual cup is a chore, but the truth is that there is nothing to it, and it isn't that bad! You will only need a few items to begin your cleaning process: warm water, gentle soap, and your hands. But first, here are some pointers on how to thoroughly clean your period cup before you begin cleaning: 

  1. Empty out your UltuCup in the sink or toilet, rinse out your UltuCup in the sink, and keep a period cup-safe soap handy in your shower. 
  1. Fill your UltuCup with soapy water and place your palm over the opening. From there, flip over and squeeze water out through the suction holes to remove any remaining gunk. 
  1. Rub the cup between your hands while washing under water to remove any gunk left in the suction holes. 
  1. Take a soft bristle toothbrush and clean any residue left around the grip rings of the cup or suction holes if any residue remains. 

The Products You Need:  

Now, let's look at the products you'll be using during your cleaning process so you can get a better understanding of how to clean your UltuCup! 

Use a Gentle Menstrual Cup Cleanser 

First and foremost, you must understand which cleansers you should and should not use on your UltuCup cup. Some soaps, such as those containing oil or heavily fragranced scents, may irritate your vaginal area during and after use. 

Because of this, you should use a cleanser that is pH-balanced and doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes. Using a gentle cleanser that is downstairs area-friendly is an easy and gentle option if you’re trying a menstrual cup for the first time! 

If You Prefer to Use Regular Soap Instead 

If you decide to use regular soap to wash your period cup, it’s essential to note that it has to be a pH-balanced soap. Should you choose this option, try selecting a delicate and fragrance-free cleanser or glycerin soap.  

If you’re unsure if the soap you’ve chosen is hurting your vaginal health, luckily, you can perform a pH test at home to evaluate the acidity level of your vaginal discharge.  

Ideally, you’ll see a pH score of between 5.3 and 7.0. If your pH seems high (anything below 7.0), you may want to make a gynecologist appointment with your doctor.  

When washing your menstrual cup, you should always use gentle products and cold water to keep your downstairs area pleased. 

Sanitizing Your UltuCup After Your Cycle Ends 

It's also very important to sanitize your UltuCup following the end of your period cycle. Why? So that way, bacteria doesn't build up on or in your cup, and you can use your UltuCup the next time your monthly gift comes around!  

If you really feel like your gentle soap won't do the trick when it comes to sanitizing your UltuCup, you should consider making a diluted vinegar solution instead! 

To make the solution, combine white vinegar with nine times as much water. That’s it! Due to vinegar's natural sanitizing mechanism, it will clean out your cup without any synthetic ingredients that may appear in store-bought soaps. Thoroughly rinse your period cup with your vinegar solution along with cold water, and you're good to go. 

Drying and Storing Your UltuCup 

Once you’ve cleaned your menstrual cup, it’s necessary to confirm that your cup is completely dry before storing it. If you store your cup with any excess moisture on it, then you run the risk of bacteria growth-and not the bacteria your vagina will like! So with that, you need to take extra caution to ensure your UltuCup is nice and dry, and then store it in a dry space where no moisture will seep through and somewhere where your animals won't get to it! 

See, It’s That Simple to Make the Switch!  

You may have been hesitant to switch to an UltuCup because of the maintenance you believe it will require.However, if you have read this far, you now know the proper steps to correctly cleaning your menstrual cup and can see that the steps needed aren't that bad, after all! So, go ahead, take the plunge, and invest in a product that is sustainable, all-natural, and effortless to maintain! 

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