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    November 03, 2021 4 min read

    Women have an average of 456 periods in their life and end up using over 9,000 tampons or other period products during their lifetime. Because these feminine products are so expensive and hard to break down, a more sustainable option is a gender-neutral menstrual cup. 

    Do you want to learn more about the benefits of using a reusable menstrual cup? Keep reading these key reasons to switch to a sustainable menstrual cup during your periods. 

    1. It Is a Cheaper Alternative

    One of the primary reasons why you should switch from a traditional period product to a reusable menstrual cup is that it is a cheaper, budget-friendly alternative for users. 

    As shown above, the traditional user goes through over 9,000 period products in their lifetime. This equates to about $9 each month for pads and tampons.  

    On the other hand, most menstrual cups can last for years. These also typically cost about the same amount as a couple of boxes of period products, so they can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your life. 

    Although menstrual cups can last for years and you only have to change it occasionally, we recommend you change it once a year, but you are saving more money in the long run. If you are looking for the best menstrual cup, UltuCup only costs $29.98 per cup! We also provide a 3 cycle money-back guarantee to ensure that you love the product. 

    1. Environmentally Friendly

    Another significant benefit of making the switch to a menstrual cup instead of using pads and tampons is that it is a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. 

    As people use thousands of period products over their lives, all of these pads and tampons will end up in a landfill. According to the Menstrual Health Alliance India, a single sanitary pad can take up to 800 years to decompose

    This is because they are made from non-biodegradable plastic. There is also a lot of waste with the paper and plastic packaging that sanitary pads and tampons are wrapped in.

    If you want to do your part to eliminate landfill waste, switching to a menstrual cup is an easy way to do this and to protect the environment. 

    Sanitary products for users also may lead to pollution. They release toxic chemicals, including rayon, chlorine, and more. Each of these chemicals can pollute the land and air, so it is best to avoid this problem by using a menstrual cup. 

    With our reusable menstrual cups, our packaging is completely home compostable, making them a perfect, sustainable option for users. 

    1. Safer to Use

    As previously mentioned, sanitary products can release toxic chemicals; however, UltuCup is free of rayon, chlorine, BPA, and plastics. Additionally, sanitary pads or tampons can prevent airflow which may lead to the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other harmful things. With that in mind, menstrual cups are much safer for users.

    When wearing tampons, there is a risk of developing toxic shock syndrome if they are used for too long. Toxic shock syndrome, also known as TSS, leads to a drop in your blood pressure which leads to oxygen deprivation of your organs and may even lead to death. 

    While some cases of toxic shock syndrome have developed in those that wear a menstrual cup, these cups are typically much safer to use for longer periods of time without the risk of TSS. 

    Menstrual cups are also pH balanced, unlike other period products. This means that a menstrual cup will not disturb the levels of bacteria and pH in your vagina and will not lead to dryness or irritation. 

    1. Prevents Leakage and Odor

    Many people who have a menstrual cycle are often worried about leakage while they use pads or tampons. They are also self-conscious of the odor of menstrual blood when it is exposed to air. 

    However, menstrual cups are sealed and can be used for up to 12 hours without leaking. Because these cups are sealed, they are also not exposed to air, which makes them an odor-free alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. 

    1. Easy to Use and Store

    Finally, you can benefit from switching to a reusable menstrual cup because they are easy to use and easy to store. 

    When you use tampons on your period, you can only leave them in for six to eight hours before you risk developing toxic shock syndrome. This means you have to be prepared and able to change your tampon which can be difficult during a busy day, traveling, and other events. 

    With a menstrual cup, you have five extra hours before you have to empty it. 

    While it may take a little time to get used to wearing a menstrual cup, it will eventually be much easier and more comfortable to wear than other period products. There are also many guides to help you learn how to use menstrual cups

    Finally, it is much easier to store your menstrual cup and to be prepared for when you unexpectedly start your period.

    Rather than traveling with several pads or tampons, you can simply bring a single menstrual cup with you in your bag. UltuCup also come with a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic carrying pouch that makes your product even more discreet. 

    Shop for a Sustainable Menstrual Cup Today

    Switching from using tampons and other period products to sustainable menstrual cups provides many benefits. Not only are they easy to use, but they are safer for users, an environmentally and budget-friendly option, and more. 

    If you are looking to shop for a sustainable menstrual cup, UltuCup can help! Our menstrual cups are made in America with 100% Medical Grade Silicone and will help you lower your carbon footprint. 

    Shop for our reusable UltuCup online today to learn more about our reusable menstrual cup and to learn more about our moneyback guarantee. 


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