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The Most Convenient Period Product On The Market.

One cup, 12-hour wear, and reusable. The easy-to-use UltuCup is made in America by people who care. Choose 100% medical-grade silicone and premium materials. All of the good stuff, none of the bad. Period.


Your Best Fit.

UltuCup comes in three different sizes designed based on years of experience to help you find the most comfortable fit.

And forget irritating dyes and colouring agents. Our products are made with 100% medical-grade soft silicone for your most comfortable period yet. Pink is in the past—we get the job done without the frills.

UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup – Model 0

For 18 years and younger or if you have a lower cervix

UltuCup – Model 1

For ages 19-30 years or if you have never given birth

UltuCup – Model 2

For ages 30+ or if you have given birth


See Why UltuCup Is the Best Menstrual Cup.

1,317+ 5-Star Reviews


The World’s Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup. Here’s Why.

Menstruation doesn’t have to be messy. UltuCup is easy to use, saves you money, and is made with care from clean ingredients.

Money-Back Guarantee

3 Cycle money back guarantee. Want to break up? We’ll understand.

Healthier Periods

Healthier Periods, pH Balanced, no dryness, TSS or bleached tampons here.

Wear Anytime, Anywhere

While sleeping, scuba diving, climbing Everest, or playing tackle football.

Premium Materials

Super soft 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Free from BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff.


Sustainable every step of the way. Recyclable packaging.

Cost Effective

Menstrual care that won’t bleed your budget. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Reusable.

Our Love is Local

We help bridge the financial needs of people you know.

Made in America

100% made in America by people who care.

Consciously Sourced


Truly consciously sourced production from our user guide to cup.



UltuCup® saves the average menstruator 250lbs of disposable products in a lifetime.

Clear Cup Clear Conscience


Sparkles and cute colours are great for unicorns. Not your body. Colour free, dye free, 100% silicone.


Skip The Feminine Hygiene Aisle For Good.

  • Buy one cup that can last for years and save money
  • Choose a convenient solution that’s easy to use anywhere
  • Ditch chemical-filled tampons and bulky pads for the leak-free, 12-hour wear UltuCup

Recyclable thin packaging. Less waste, more love.



We’ve got answers. Our FAQs have everything you need to know about size, how to use, cleaning, and more.


Clearing Up The Facts

UltuCup is 100% made in America, and we’re proud of it. While other brands might say the same, the truth is that they often only assemble the final package in the U.S., making the actual product elsewhere. With UltuCup, you get the truth—and a superior product.

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